Piercings are a beautiful, creative, and unique way of decorating your body. What we love about them is that no matter your style, career, lifestyle, or level of pain tolerance (because let’s be honest, that may very well be a determining factor) — there is a piercing out there that fits you. Whether you want a demure nostril piercing or a line of dermals going up your arm, we can help. We have been in the body modification game for a long time and we take great pride in being a sterile and safe, yet fun environment in which to get your piercings.

You are in great hands with our talented and highly trained piercer, as she is fully committed to giving her clients nothing but the best. Doing everything in her power to make you comfortable, she will help you choose the perfect jewelry and best location for you.

Piercings We Offer:

• Lip 

• Nostril

• Dermal

• Septum

• Industrial

• Eyebrow

• Labret

• Navel

• Nipple

• Earlobe

• Ear cartilage

• Tongue


Learn More About Piercing

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