Our piercer Dayanna may be young, but rest assured that her talent goes far beyond her years. She is highly trained in the European style of piercing and is a valuable member of Hot Rod Studios’ team of artists. A 17-year-old senior in high school, she enjoys cheerleading and JROTC (U.S. Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps). Dayanna went through six months of rigorous, comprehensive piercing training with Hot Rod alum Kady Gehn, who taught her everything she knows. After graduating high school, Dayanna plans on continuing the tradition of Hot Rod employees in the military by joining the US Air Force and pursuing medical training.

Like all of us here at Hot Rod Tattoo, Dayanna is passionate about giving her clients the best. In an effort to provide unparalleled piercing services, she continues to learn more and more to become an even better piercer than she already is.


Dayanna does all above-the-waistline piercings, including:

• Lip 

• Nostril

• Dermal

• Septum

• Industrial

• Eyebrow

• Labret

• Navel

• Nipple

• Earlobe

• Ear cartilage

• Tongue

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